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The beating heart of teamwork

Creating positive group energy | Instant teamwork | A lof of fun | Without a word spoken

Guided interactive drumming

The most fun you'll have sitting down and a powerful way to create high performance teamwork in your workplace or corporate event ... or whenever you get your people together.

Conferences & Events

Interactive drumming creates the energy and connection and everyone is ready for action. You want results after all.

Just like this


We use the power of rhythm and drums in programs to bring out the co-operative spirit in your people, where they work

Imagine your team like this!

Training programs

Smiles and laughter happen in this fun teamwork activity that gets everyone excited and ready for whatever is to come.

Just like this!


A powerful way to get your team ready to creatively solve critical business issues ... without saying one single word.

Some sample program styles

OMG - we ended conference on turbo - boosted energy levels and you so connected everyone to themselves and each other with those RHYTHMS!

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February 6, 2018
Price Waterhouse Coopers and Human Rhythms

Team building conference energisers

Our conference energisers and interactive keynote programs will bring your event to the next level with our fun and powerfully inspiring programs no-repeat;center top;; auto Led by our master facilitator, together you’ll create music that celebrates everything that is positive about teamwork. You don’t have to be musical – our programs are […]
November 29, 2017

Open your conference with Human Rhythms

Stand back and watch this wonder turn into 100% participation within minutes Conference groups come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing is relevant for all events – everyone involved needs to work well together in order to achieve the event objectives. Finding an effective activity to bind everyone is […]
November 2, 2017

What will your conference delegates see

No matter what size of group or type or style of venue, we have a set up that will suit the job at hand As you can see from these images, we’ve set our drums up in many venues for very different group sizes. We have set our drums up in venues […]

... I will never forget it as it was one of the single most rewarding moments I have felt in my career

Here are some of the organisations we've "teamed-up" with

About Human Rhythms

A Human Rhythms program is not your typical team building activity.

We encourage teamwork in our programs in a completely unique and fun way, using interactive, guided drumming. Engage your team and transform your conference by communicating through the rhythm of drums. Our focus is all about teamwork - 100% participation and 100% interaction for 100% impact!

Most of our programs are facilitated without one single word spoken.

Human Rhythms interactive drumming is the perfect fun team building activity, is an effective way to excite your people and is a great conference energiser. Whilst we have a range of programs to suit any corporate event we are very happy to accept your more serious group development challenge and build a program aimed at achieving your specific objectives.

If your team is not realising its full potential and you're extremely excited about changing that, Human Rhythms can help.

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