The bottom line on interactive drumming

Training and Development Drum Circles
October 28, 2017

What is a drum circle? What is interactive drumming?

A drum circle is a musical gathering. But a drum circle is more than just the instruments and the act of drumming; it is also the shared experience of the participants. The drums and drumming are the vehicles that take the group to its final destination – a place where everyone has a voice and is empowered to use it, and where the creative spirit is shared by everyone in the circle.

A drum circle can be simply defined as “a group of people working together to create in-the-moment music using drums and percussion instruments.” Key words and phrases are group, working together, create, and in-the-moment. A drum circle is not a percussion ensemble performing a prepared piece of music, or a drumming class led by a teacher, nor any group that is re-creating music it has played before. It’s a unique event that is spontaneously created by the participants, preferably with the help of a facilitator – a musical guide who helps the group achieve its goals.

A drum circle is really a people circle.