Team building ideas – new or not
Team building ideas - new or not?
Most of the time everyone seems to be focused on finding new things, new ideas or new ways to build or engage a team. My question is why?

Or another question – is new necessarily better?

Why are new team building ideas better than those from last week, last month or last year? If your people enjoyed the program the first time, why wouldn’t they enjoy it again, and again.

If you could be guaranteed the team would be engaged, connected and highly energised every time you ran the same program, wouldn’t you do it? If the program generated amazing team outcomes wouldn’t you do it again.

Surely, team building is about growth. If every time you get your people together w>ith new team building ideas they are starting from scratch – how can they practice perfectly to become perfect as a team if they are doing something new every time?

A behavioural scientist I know suggests that if you have a favourite restaurant you go there often – because you love it. You go to the same cafe because of the promise of “great coffee”. We all do lots of things over and over again, because we love to do them. Why is this not the same for team building ideas?

So, what are your “go-to” team building ideas or activities? What do you do over and over again with your team that gives them a chance to develop, to get stronger as a unit?

Human Rhythms interactive drumming programs can be that team building idea and can support all other team building ideas. You can do it over and over again. Your team can get better each time they do it. The activity changes every time (depending on how your team turns up) yet the core is the same – they drum and grow together as a team, as a community, as a tribe. Each time they do it, they learn, they get better, they learn even more and get even better.

Drumming has been around for 1000’s years and served, and continues to serve, a real community purpose. It happens all the time, not just once, in many communities around the world. Why should business be any different. Why should your team be any different?

You don’t need new team building ideas … you need effective and truly engaging team building ideas that everyone can become part of, again and again.

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