Team building conference energisers
Open your conference with Human Rhythms
November 29, 2017
I would not have believed it
May 23, 2018
Tired of talking heads, restless participants and clock watchers
Our conference energisers and interactive keynote programs will bring your event to the next level with our fun and powerfully inspiring programs
Interactive Conference Energisers and Keynotes

Led by our master facilitator, together you’ll create music that celebrates everything that is positive about teamwork.

You don’t have to be musical – our programs are fun for everyone. Both introverts and extroverts will shine and they will shine in their own unique way. You don’t have to be musical to feel comfortable and embrace the experience.

Real work, real fun, real results – our conference energisers won’t just be something to fill a space. We’ll work with you beforehand to understand your organisation and your event goals so we can facilitate a program where learning is experienced.

On the day, our lead facilitator moving throughout the crowd, everyone gets involved in rhythm - the rhythm of positive teamwork. Rhythm ideas flow around the room as participants engage with our facilitator and their team members around them.

As the rhythms build to crescendo, so does the positive energy in your group. This energy is infectious and involves everyone. As rhythm patterns are created and shared, they are developed into real teamwork learning, engaging everyone in fun and collaboration … and all without a single word spoken.

We also have programs where we can break your group into smaller groups to work together creating their own music and then sharing their creation with the larger group.

Our programs have customisable time frames. We can run a program in as little as 10 minutes to 2 hours; for groups as small as 10 people to as large as 500 people.

There is always a sense of skepticism from people around what we do.

How can you encourage a group of corporate-minded individuals to participate fully in conference energisers like this?
Any skepticism or doubt is quickly erased a moment after the program starts. The photos and video we have taken say it all – everyone in the group working together in perfect harmony, laughing, supporting and developing … all with positive intent.

This is the best combination of group engagement powered by individual contribution.

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