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Short and sharp
November 4, 2017

Engaging, powerful and entertaining

Understanding communication styles and why difference is a good thing

Perfect for ...

Real team development, building interpersonal relationships

Ideal group size

30 - 120

How long?

1/2 day to full day.
What you get
Typical outcomes of a program like this include
  • An increase in individual pride and worth
  • The ability to strengthen relationships
  • Building of strong, positive attitudes
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity
How it works
Other outcomes of a program like this include
  • Understanding of the stages of team development and how to make them work
  • Provide some skills and techniques to better deal with people
  • To be able to strengthen relationships in a time of uncertainty
  • To create an appreciation and respect of others through understanding others style of influence, and more importantly, speak their language, resulting in professionalism and better communications being applied
  • To improve productivity, and job satisfaction
  • Understanding that different is not wrong – “just different”
The Human Rhythms event was a great hit and provided a source of much hilarity and discussion afterwards. We had a very successful day and the contribution of you and your team certainly assisted in making it so.

Janet Selwood