Team ice-breaker
Team Maps
November 3, 2017
Team Play Plus
November 2, 2017

Lots of fun leading to focused people

In no time at all, everyone is energised and working together

Perfect for ...

When you need to energise the group and you've only got a short time to effectively do it

Ideal group size

15 to 1500 - we can work this with any size group

How long?

Anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, we make it fit to your agenda
What you get
Typical outcomes of a program like this include
  • Fun and laughter
  • A willingness to contribute
  • Teamwork
  • A readiness for what's coming
A quick insight
You know when the energy starts to drop, you can feel it.

Have you ever wished you had an energiser "up your sleeve" for such a moment. Well, now you can. You don't need to give us a specific time - we sit in wait, ready to jump in when needed. As the delegates sit, they are disrupted by our facilitator with rhythm instruments and within a 10 - 15 minute period they will be making music, laughing and back on track, ready for the sessions ahead.

This is quick-fire teamwork

Thank you so much for our session yesterday. Everyone came back to their desks ‘fizzing’ and saying they have never ever done anything like this before. Your approach to the session was fantastic, I will be recommending you to all of my colleagues.

Nick Porter