Team Maps
Short and sharp
November 4, 2017
Team ice-breaker
November 3, 2017

Get your team to solve it

Involving your team in business decisions improves accountability

Perfect for ...

When you want your team to be a part of the solution to a business problem or opportunity

Ideal group size

10 - 60 ... we can also tailor a program to work with larger groups

How long?

Anywhere from 1/2 day to 1 full day depending on the objectives
What you get
Typical outcomes of a program like this include
  • Team charter and vision
  • Actionable plans
  • Accountability
  • Team building from common goals
How it works
Here is what Team Maps is all about

The best way to build a team is to get your people working together on a meaningful project ... meaningful for the business in which they operate. Our workshops will help your team identify and reconnect with the talent, creativity, and passion - the personal keys to innovation of your people.

Team Maps will focus on achieving your business objectives by enhancing teamwork, at work - where it matters.

Human Rhythms can bring your team together to take on a serious business challenge through a structured, high-energy, fun team approach that will:

  • Create a deep sense ownership within your team for dealing with your most-pressing business opportunities and challenges
  • Identify what’s getting in the way of achieving the team's most-critical objectives
  • Generate dozens of ideas for change, improvement, and innovation in team operations
  • Lock in plans, commitments and accountability for actions to move your team forward
  • Connect your team members in a meaningful, work-related context that will improve long-term relationships and performance.
We can also stay alongside your team to keep all lessons in team building alive with Team Coaching to ensure everyone and everything stays on track.
A quick thank you to you both for the interaction you gave the ENJO team. It was a different tactic we took this year incorporating Human Rhythms and it paid off. We have now conducted this type of festival eight times and know when things are going well and this was a festival where you could feel the buzz and energy and it started with Human Rhythms and finished with Human Rhythms! Congratulations to you for an energetic showpiece!

Nick Porter