Team Play Plus
Team ice-breaker
November 3, 2017
team building with carter holt harvey
Team Play
November 1, 2017

Where teamwork and creativity connect

A real team challenge incorporating team creativity

Perfect for ...

Conference or team events when you want to run a workshop or breakout session to get the team thinking in a creative way, together

Ideal group size

15 to 80, depending on the number of breakout spaces available

How long?

A minimum of 90 minutes although 120 minutes if desirable for larger groups.
What you get
Typical outcomes of a program like this include
  • Connection among all
  • 100% participation
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Real teamwork metaphor
How it works
Here is an overview of how this type of program can run

Your team enters the conference room to be met by the sounds of drumming from the Human Rhythms team. As the surprised delegates take their seats they discover a drum in front of them and start to play.

Over the next 45 minutes (or to best suit your event), the human rhythms team take these individual contributions and mould them into one piece of music leading everyone on an unforgettable musical journey, where laughter and teamwork is achieved in a high energy interactive performance. All without saying one single word.

This is just like the Team Play program but here comes the twist.

We will now break your group into 3 or 4 smaller groups and with the help of our facilitators, each group is given 30-60 minutes to create a team rhythm. Each team then performs their rhythm creation for the rest of the group

The finale is where we put all the team rhythms together into one harmonious sound, demonstrating the real power of high-performance teamwork.

Creativity, fun, laughter and teamwork are all present in the Team Play Plus program.

We all had a wonderful time, thank you very much! I have wanted to have a Human Rhythms presence at our offsite for a long time and it certainly proved to be the right decision. In fact several people commented that this was their favourite part of the two day session

Sandy Cavenett