Team Play
Team Play Plus
November 2, 2017

High performance teamwork without leaving your seat

Total connection, high energy and a whole lot of fun

Perfect for ...

When you want to connect or energise every on your group.

Ideal group size

Any group size from 6 to 500 can be accommodated with ease

How long?

Although we can tailor this style of program to suit your agenda, any time from 30 mintues to 60 minutes works extremely well.
What you get
Typical outcomes of a program like this include
  • Team energy
  • Fun and laughter
  • Co-operation and interaction
  • 100% participation and engagement
A quick insight
The quickest way to feel the power of teamwork

Your team enters the conference room to be met by the sounds of drumming from the Human Rhythms team. As the surprised delegates take their seats they discover a drum in front of them and start to play.

Over the next 45 minutes (or to best suit your event), the human rhythms team take these individual contributions and mould them into one piece of music leading everyone on an unforgettable musical journey, where laughter and teamwork is achieved in a high energy interactive performance. All without saying one single word.

This is your group's chance to become active performers!

These guy’s were an absolute blast! Who else would attempt to make music with 340 early childhood conference delegates? I couldn’t speak more highly of Mark and his amazing team – our conference would not have been the same without them!!!!

Alisa Dey