Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions

If you have more questions, we'd love the chance to answer them

Typical questions include:

1How long does a program last?

This depends on what we are doing for you. We have a range of programs that can take a range of times to run. For an interactive drumming program, two time frames are most popular - these are 45-60 minutes and 90-120 minutes. That said, we can tailor a program to match the time you have available.

For a team build program, there are so many factors involved. We will let you know to time required once we understand more about your goals and objectives

2How do you do this without speaking?

Removing the voice allows people to focus on non-verbal guidance, their team members and their own participation.

Our facilitators are experienced team trainers and can run a “conversation” with your group about team learning and other behavioural observations at the end of the program. We tend to ask the questions and let your group provide the answers – a very powerful learning moment.

For most of the time though, we are speechless. It just proves you can still communicate effectively without using your voice.

3Why use drumming?
Interactive drumming or corporate drumming is the quickest, easiest and most powerful way to connect people, to add energy and to get people "present". Your team members will experience high-performance teamwork with fun and inspiration ... all without saying one single word.
4How flexible are you in your approach?
We are nothing, if not flexible. While we have a standard format for programs as presented on this site, each and every program can be tailored to better match what you’re trying to achieve. We don’t mind if you throw us the curve-ball at the last minute, we will adapt. We won’t control the setup requirement, the room layout or timing – we might have suggestions but that’s all they are. It’s your team, your event and your budget and we respect this. We work very hard to make you very happy.
5What's the perfect setup?

This has a lot to do with your event, the reason you have people together.

The best set up a full or semi circle

This may not be possible for larger events as the space required may not be available. For smaller groups, this is perfect. Theatre style is the next most preferred set up. Everyone is facing the facilitators and works best for large conference groups. Cabaret style, and any other configuration will still work however, teamwork is enhanced when more people can see more people.

All we need in the space is 1 chair for every participant and 1 for our facilitator.

Take a look at how these rooms have been set up

6Can we do this outside?
Yes, you can. We have run many programs outside. Of course, this is weather dependent. The drums really don't like rain or too much humidity. This makes a nice break from the event content being delivered inside.
7What instruments do you use?
We use a range of instruments to deliver the teamwork goal. Typically, as standard program will include djembe drums, boomwhackers, tambourines and maracas. The most important instrument is the human spirit.
8What does a standard event cost?
This is determined by a number of factors, including the number of people involved, location of event, style of program, duration of program. The easiest way to find out what a program may cost for your team event is to complete our enquiry form and we will send you a no-obligation quote.
9What's the booking process?

This depends on the type of program you're considering us for.

For our teamwork programs using interactive drumming, you can complete our enquiry form and one of our team will be in contact.

If you looking to use our team build program, the best thing to do is to arrange a meeting to discuss opportunity. After that meeting, if we both agree there is a fit, we will outline the plan going forward.

In simple terms, if you just want to start a conversation about your teamwork needs you can call us on 0274 340 323 or visit our contact page.