You know you need teamwork.
It can all start here.

If you're looking for a one-off program to create teamwork in your next corporate event, we can create one for you.

Perhaps you need to add a little zing to your workplace or even get everyone ready for the important marketing meeting. We can help there too!.

We deliver programs to connect, inspire and revitalise

Have a look at some sample programs to get you thinking.

We like to tailor all events to your specific goals

However, no matter how much time we have in your agenda, each program will follow this simple process.
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Your team enters the venue or room to be met by the sounds of drumming from the Human Rhythms team. As the surprised delegates take their seats they discover a drum in front of them and start to play.
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As the group starts to play to one common beat, this reinforces the importance of alignment to a common group goal. This also demonstrates the important of making a decision to play for the benefit of the team.
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We close off with a celebration. This leaves participants feeling exuberant, energised and proud of their achievement and that of the group. The groups have created music as one team ... and all without saying one single word.
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We hold a conversation with your group about what was learned about teamwork and how this can be applied in the future.This reinforces the learning from the session. We also deliver a 3-5 minute talk on the attributes of strong teams.
  • "Wow! We were swept away! If you ever want to do a Team Building which your Team will both enjoy and remember, (and honestly, how many of those have you done?), then do the Human Rhythms!"
    Oscar Paulich

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